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COVID-19 has added an unprecedented level of uncertainty and disruption to the agricultural communities we serve. Throughout this crisis, Glacier FarmMedia is leveraging the strength of its farm news network to help you stay up to date on developments important to you. Stay up to date on COVID-19 coverage as it impacts your family and farm with this twice-weekly eNewsletter.


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AGDealerTV is a new online video series focusing on new machinery and technology in today’s fast-evolving agriculture industry. On AGDealerTV you'll see the host Spencer Myers along with Scott Garvey from Grainews Magazine interview product developers, cover global launches of equipment, and feature specific pieces of new technology. They’ll be travelling to events like Ag in Motion, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, and Agritechnica to show you the farming innovations being developed in Canada and around the world. You can watch AGDealerTV on-demand at
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The "cattleman's bible' is required reading for ranchers, feedlots, packers & livestock sales operators. Its informative, topical, articles will be of interest to anyone involved in the cattle industry in Canada. Delivered Sunday through Friday.
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Stories about strategic business thinking and farming success! Profiles, case studies & strategy from the front lines of modern farming in Eastern Canada. Delivered Sunday through Friday.
Stories about strategic business thinking and farming success! Profiles, case studies & strategy from the front lines of modern farming in Western Canada. Delivered Sunday through Friday.
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This newsletter informs farmers of the latest agricultural development. News and analysis of the grain market, crop monitoring, changes in dairy production, expert technical advice and the latest in agricultural machinery, plus other useful information.
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Stay on top of crops, markets, industry & policy, livestock production & a wide range of news and information from across the Keystone province & around the world of agriculture. Delivered Sunday through Friday.
Manitoba Co-operator
The Producer Daily is a collection of breaking ag news stories published online during the previous 24-hour period. On occasion, popular stories from the current printed edition of The Western Producer are also featured. Delivered Sunday through Friday.
A snapshot of the market activity of all the frequently-traded commodities of interest. Delivered daily.
A look at commodities popular among western Canadian producers, though not traded as frequently as those featured in the Markets Moment. Delivered every Tuesday.
Weekly weather forecasts for your region from Canada's largest weather network with more than 600 stations across Western Canada. Delivery every Tuesday.