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The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) issued Canada Post a strike notice, which has resulted in rotating strikes at several postal outlets through out Canada, resulting in some delays to mail delivery services. Learn more here:

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  • Select agricultural equipment dealers in Ontario:
Premier Equipment Ltd Hwy# 24 & 25 Acton
D & A Tractor Sales Ltd 19855 Kenyon Conc 5 Alexandria
Trottier Farm Equipment 20159 B Hwy #43 Alexandria
Carriere & Poirier Equipment 585 – Hwy #17 Alfred
Premier Equipment Ltd 4896 Dean Drive Alliston
Shantz Farm Equipment Alma
Flewelling Farm Equipment Ltd. 7630 County Rd Alma
M&P Farm Equipment Ltd. Almonte
Kucera Group Alvinston 3212 Nauvoo Road Alvinston
Stratford Farm Equipment Ltd Arva
Huron Tractor Ltd 21550 Hyde Park Road Arva
Feenstra’s Equipment Ltd. Rr #4 – 80 Feenstra Road Athens
Canada Trailers Mfg Ltd 11918 Imperial Rd Aylmer
Ayr Turf & Trac Ltd. 1379 Northhumberland Street Ayr
Premier Equipment Ltd 3184 Alps Rd Ayr
Richards Equipment Inc. 823 Penetanguishene Road Barrie
Lambert – W.J. Lambert & Sons Po Box 529  Concession #6 Beaverton
Hawley’s Garage Rr # 6  505b Casey Rd Belleville
Deerhaven Farm & Garden Ltd. 896 Bell Boulevard West Belleville
O’Neil’s Farm Equipment (197) 2461 Hwy #56 Binbrook
Kent Farm Supplies Ltd. 9224 Allison Line Blenheim
Huron Tractor Ltd County Road 25 Blyth
Sundowner Truck R R #2 Bothwell
Green Tractors Inc 24A Regan Road Brampton
Brant Tractor  A Div. Of D&W 1324 Colborne Street West Brantford
Leading Edge Equipment Ltd. 404917 Beaconsfield Rd Burgessville
G J’s Farm Equipment Sales & 424996 Substation Rd Burgessville
Groulx Equipment 826 Drive-In Road Cache Bay
Oneida New Holland 634 Fourth Line Caledonia
Bob Mark New Holland Sales 551 Grand Road Campbellford
Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. 7642 Highway 15 Carleton Place
Can-Am Tractor Ltd. Hwy #2 East Chatham
Mcgrail Farm Equipment Ltd. Chatham
Profota’s Farm Equipment Inc. Chatham
C L Benninger Equipment Ltd 1025 Richmond St Chatham
Furlan Bros. Sales & Rentals 10858 Longwoods Rd Chatham
Huron Tractor Ltd Grey Rd 40 Chatsworth
Connect Equipment Corp – 736 Sideroad 5 Chepstow
J & H Sales & Service 2228 Bruce Rd 19 Chesley
Clifford Precision & Seed 5543 Minto-Normanby Townline Clifford
Rozendaal Clinton 80969 Baseline Rd Clinton
Huckabones Garage Rr #1 – Hwy #17 East Cobden
G & S Farm Equipment 900 Foresters Falls Road Cobden
Mcgrail Farm Equipment 8705 County Rd 46 Comber
Yurke Sales & Service Ltd. Po Box 159 – 6337 Main Street Comber
Premier Equipment Ltd PO Box 274 Courtland
Sontrac Equipment 1490 Dunning Road Cumberland
Delaware Pump & Parts 11157 Longwoods Rd Delaware
Frontlink Inc 509 Schafer Sideroad Delhi
Farm Power Inc 509 Schafer Sideroad Delhi
Creekside Rentals 23 Sideroad 15 North Dobbinton
Brodie Ag & Industrial Inc 827171 Township Rd 8 Drumbo
Marsh Brothers Tractor Inc. 1379 Hwy #5 West – Rr #2 Dundas
Galer Farm Equipment Ltd. 557 Highway #5 West Dundas
Brindley Auction Service 37110 Dungannon Rd Dungannon
Egger Truck & Machine Ltd 85 Robinson Rd Dunnville
Green Tractors Inc 271429 Poupore Road Earlton
Tubeline Manufacturing 6455 Reid Woods Dr Elmira
D.M. Horst & Sons Ltd 4897 Arthur St  N Elmira
M.K. Martin Enterprises Inc 3950 Steffler Rd Elmira
AM Custom Sales & Serivce 1356 Tilman Road Elmira
Greentronics 8 Victoria Glen Street Elmira
Stoltz Sales & Service Ltd. Po Box 235  Hwy #86 West Elmira
Weber’s Farm Service Corp 1769 Listowel Road Elmira
Premier Equipment Ltd 122 Church St W Elmira
Reist Farm Supplies 6681 Line 86 Elmira
Deboer’s Farm Equipment Ltd. 519 Wellington Road #7 Elora
Embro Farm Systems 375058 Line 37 Embro
Stewart’s Equipment 9410 Wellington Rd 124 Erin
Delta Power Equipment 516 Talbot St N Essex
Advantage Farm Equipment Ltd. 642 Talbot Rd Essex
Huron Tractor Ltd. 39995 Harvest Road Exeter
Delta Power Equipment 71301 London Rd Exeter
AgriQuip Ontario 5066 Road 108 Gads Hill Station
Fulline Farm & Garden Equipmen 21911 Simpson Rd Glencoe
W.J. Heaslip Ltd. 1030 Regional Rd  #20 Hagersville
Vandenburg Equipment Service 159 11th Conc. Road Harley
Advance Construction Equipment 6297 Wellington County Rd 109 Harriston
Minto Ag Ltd 6470 8th Line Harriston
Hartington Farm Equipment Po Box 50 Hartington
Hyde Brothers Farm Equip Ltd 39992 Rodgerville Road Hensall
Stratford Farm Equipment Ltd Ingersoll
Connect Equipment Corp 715649 Oxford Rd  4 Innerkip
Church’s Farm Supplies Ltd. 3560 – 7th Line Innisfil
Advantage Farm Equipment Ltd. Rr #1 Inwood
Doughty & Williamson 2173 Hwy # 3 East Jarvis
Smiths Farm Equipment(Jasper) 32 County Road #17 Jasper
Crossroads Equipment #66 – Hwy #52 South Jerseyville
Clow Farm Equipment 2542 White Church Road Joyceville
Green Tractors Inc 2073 Hwy #15 Kingston
E.R. Vollans Ltd. 1682 County Road 20 W Kingsville
Connect Equipment Corp 1876 Huron Road Kitchener
Callaghan Farm Supply 22 Callaghan Rd Lindsay
Hub International #12 Golden Mile Road Lindsay
Bob Mark New Holland Sales 2197 Little Britain Road Hwy 7 Lindsay
Mark McCabe Tractor Sales Ltd 77 Sunnywood Road Lindsay
E.S. Martin Welding 5111 Schummer Line Linwood
Martin’s Hay Feeders Inc 4850 Schummer Line Rr# 1 Linwood
HLA Attachments 8082 Road 129 Listowel
Bach Run Farms Equipment Sales Listowel
Midwestern Equipment 8592 Hwy #23 North Listowel
Stoltz Sales & Service Ltd. Po Box 131  Hwy #23 North Listowel
Argis 2000 Ltd 6942 Line 86 W Listowel
Premier Equipment Ltd Hwy #23 North Listowel
Lebanon Ag Service 8450 Concession Rd 3 Listowel
Marcrest Manufacturing Inc 45415 Perth Line 86 Listowel
Advantage Farm Equipment Ltd 6915 Colonel Talbot Road London
Huron Tractor Ltd 37 Elgin Rd London
Hyde Park Equipment Ltd 2034 Mallard Rd London
Hyde Park Equipment Ltd 4166 Scotland Dr London
Stratford Farm Equipment Ltd 500 Clarke Road London
Connect Equipment Corporation 37521 Amberly Rd Lucknow
Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales 36469 Amberely Road Lucknow
BASE Equipment 36990 Zion Rd Lucknow
Brindley Farm Equipment 774808 Hwy 10 South Markdale
Maxville Farm Machinery Ltd Maxville
Connect Equipment Corp Hwy #9 North Mildmay
Stoltz Sales & Service Ltd. Po Box 285  Hwy #9 Mildmay
T&D Restorations Perth Line121  6896 Millbank
Mar-Weld Inc 2690 Manser Road Millbank
Milestone Equipment Inc 4072 Line 72 Millbank
Green Tractors Inc 15 Steeles Avenue Milton
Delta Power Equipment 5458 Line 34 Mitchell
Huron Tractor Ltd 5936 Perth Line 44 Mitchell
Newtech Ag Inc 5458 Line 34 PO Box 939 Mitchell
Ok Tire Moorefield 8360 8th Concession Rr#2 Moorefield
E.Bearinger Inc. 8494 Concession 12 Moorefield
Eastmount Ag Services 324332 Mount Elgin Road Mount Elgin
B-M Agri Parts 83621 Southgate Rd 08 Mount Forest
Bearinger Tractor 391311 Grey Road 109 Mount Forest
Riverside Equipment & R R #1 Mount Forest
Meadowbrook Agri Systems 7488 Hwy 89 East Mount Forest
Martin’s Farm Service R R #3 Mount Forest
Lyntech Repair 44102 Southgate Road 4 Mount Forest
Maple Lane Farm Service Inc. Mount Forest
Premier Equipment Ltd 311303 Hwy 6 North Mount Forest
Robert’s Farm Equipment Sales 435 Sligo Rd W Mount Forest
B&G Loughlin Tractors 1748 County Rd 1 Mountain
Coleman Equipment Inc. 3541 Trussler Rd New Dundee
Stratford Farm Equipment Ltd. P O  Box 6002 New Hamburg
Green Tractors Inc. 6770 King Road West Nobleton
Koolmees Equipment Inc. 285687 Airport Road Norwich
Vande Goor Ag Service 713377 Middletown Line Norwich
Wiljan Farm Equipment 6287 Highway 2 Odessa
Green Tractors Inc. Po Box 120 Omemee
Mccauley Equipment Sales Po Box 2149 Orillia
Evergreen Farm & Garden Ltd. 3242 Taunton Road Orono
Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. 2447 Greenwood Road Pembroke
Hartington Farm Equipment Rr # 5 Perth
Podolinsky Equipment Ltd. R R #1 Petrolia
Hub International 14795 Hwy  #12 Port Perry
Green Tractors Inc 620 Regional Road 21 Port Perry
Siloking Canada 3300 Putnam Rd Putnam
Connect Equipment Corp 5205 3rd Line Rockwood
Salford Farm Machinery Ltd 364018 McBeth Road Salford
Bourbonnais Equipment (2003) 3555 Chemin Sarsfield Sarsfield
Delta Power Equipment 42787 Hydro Line Rd Seaforth
Connect Equipment Corporation 231 Franklyn St Shelburne
Scholten’s Machinery 1492 Windham Rd 12 Simcoe
Norfolk Tractor Rr #1 Simcoe
Premier Equipment Ltd 2559 Hwy 24 N Simcoe
Premier Equipment Ltd 9592 Hwy #20 Smithville
Delta Power 7565 Quaker Road Sparta
Mckeown Motor Sales Limited 2589 Spring Brook Rd Springbrook
Delta Power Equipment 197211 Line 119 St Marys
Andrews Sports 42043 Ron Mcneil Line St Thomas
Huron Tractor Ltd 43900 Talbot Line St Thomas
ST. Catharines New Hollan Rr #3 – 1410 – 4th Avenue St. Catharines
Hillside Mfg Inc 4473 Lobsinger Line St. Clements
Stone Age Equipment 5475 Line 26 – Rr #2 St. Pauls
Cashtown Guyz 2371 County Rd 42 Stayner
Huron Tractor Ltd 1618 County Rd 42 Stayner
Richards – Stouffville Stouffville
Hutchinson Farm Supply Inc 14183 Hwy #48 Stouffville
Stratford Farm Equipment Ltd. Po Box 232 – Rr #5 Stratford
Hahn Farms Ltd. 2695 Line 34 Stratford
D&S Downham Equipment 3982 Perth Line 26 Stratford
Doble – Ross Doble Inc. 100 – Hwy #7 & #12  Rr #2 Sunderland
Bob Mark New Holland Sales Ltd 42 Center St Sunderland
Delta Power Equipment 985285 Perth Oxford Rd Tavistock
Premier Equipment Ltd 537098 Oxford Road 34 Tavistock
Teeswater Agro Parts Teeswater
Kearney Planters Thamesville
Advantage Farm Equipment 24 Lemuel Street Thamesville
Delta Power Equipment 14 Industrial Park Rd Tilbury
Blue West Equipment 494 Hwy 3 Tillsonburg
Dey’s Equipment Centre 185022 Cornell Rd Tillsonburg
Howes Farm Equipment 5659 – 5430 Hwy #4 Vankleek Hill
Vantayge Farms 38502 Mill Rd R R #1 Varna
Redtrac International 2695 Regional Road #24 Vineland
Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equ 42134 Hwy 3 Wainfleet
Huron Tractor Ltd R R #4 Walkerton
Frontier Sales and Equipment 7213 Line 86 Wallenstein
ESM Farm Equipment Ltd 7293 Line 86 Wallenstein
Mcgavin Farm Supply Ltd. Rr #3 Walton
Walton Equipment Rentals R R  #1 Walton
Delta Power Equipment 6974 Forest Rd Warwick Township
Halnor Farm Equipment Ltd 297 Thompson Rd Waterford
Delta Power Equipment-Forest 5523 Nauvoo Road Watford
Metco Inc 1005 Tribe Road West Montrose
Tri-Sha Equipment 1033 Tribe Road West Montrose
Como Farm Equipment 13096 County Road 3 Winchester
Davon Sales Inc 50 Lansdowne Ave Woodstock
Kevin Barker Auctions Ltd 1080 Linden Valley Road Woodville
Advantage Farm Equipment Ltd. 392 Broadway Street Wyoming
Peeters Farms Inc 73108 Blackbush Line Zurich

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